Fostering Geometric Thinking

***Presentation materials from the "Using VideoCases to Develop Teachers' Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics" presentation at the NCSM annual meeting in San Diego can be found here.***

What is FGT?

Fostering Geometric Thinking in the Middle Grades (FGT) was a four-year project that developed a research-based professional development curriculum focused on geometric thinking, which serves teachers in grades 5 through 10. The work included materials development, professional development design, and research on geometric thinking and on the effectiveness of the resulting professional development materials. These professional development materials, along with a book based on our work in the project, are now available through Heinemann. See “How to Access FGT Materials” to learn more.

A guiding premise at the core of this project is that good mathematics teaching begins with understanding how mathematics is learned. Building on the lessons learned from EDC’s Fostering Algebraic Thinking Toolkit, our intent is to support attention to students’ ways of thinking about important ideas in geometry.

In the past few years, our interests have turned to exploring how geometric thinking frameworks and the premises of the Fostering Geometric Thinking materials are useful for teachers of English Language Learners. One of the outcomes of this interest has been development of a set of supplemental language-focused tools intended to accompany the Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit materials. These tools can be found in the “How to Access FGT Materials” link. We are also currently involved in work on the Fostering Mathematical Success of English Language Learners project, a research study about the efficacy of the Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit materials in settings with English Language Learners.